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Eric Vloeimans has been active in a wide variety of ensembles all over the years.  He has toured the US twice with his acoustic ‘chamber/jazz’ 'Fugimundi' trio, featuring the surprising Anton Goudsmit on guitar and rising star Harmen Fraanje on piano. Their broad repertoire ranges from contemporary jazz, hymns, world music to occasional standards, all of which is presented with warmth and wit. His other band is Eric Vloeimans' Gatecrash, which features soundscape master Jeroen van Vliet on Fender Rhodes and keyboards, the inventive Gulli Gudmundsson on bass, electric basses and effects, and the up and coming Jasper van Hulten on drums. Vloeimans expands his trumpet mastery with electronics special effects. Gatecrash has earned a reputation as one of Europe's top cross-over bands between jazz and pop. The music ranges from lazy lounge music to hard core uptempo beats and spaced out moods, with Zappa-influenced odd meters. It's a band that sweeps the audience away.  Gatecrash has toured throughout Europe, Asia and the USA.
Vloeimans' performances and recordings with a multitude of other formations has shown his versatility. His musical talent, easy-going attitude and great sense of humour have brought him to play with national and international artists such as Mercer Ellington, John Taylor, Peter Erskine, The Rotterdam Philharmonic Orchestra, Jasper van 't Hof, Wayne Horvitz, Charlie Mariano, Nguyên Lê, Jimmy Haslip, Philippe Catherine, Joey Baron, the Holland Baroque Society, Lars Danielsson, Michael Moore, Tuur Florizoone, the Matangi Quartet, Bojan Z., Eric Vaarzon Morel, Martin Fondse, soundartist Michel Banabila, the Royal Concertgebouw Orchestra and many, many others.

His most recent cd is with German pianist Florian Weber, an astonishing performance “Live at the Concertgebouw” recorded in April 2011.  That year saw Eric do seven concerts in that venerable institution – four concerts in  the recital hall and three in the large hall, all of which were on a carte blanche basis.  He performed with the Metropole Orchestra, the Marinierskapel (the Navy Band),  the Paradiso Ochestra – his other forays into the classical world include a world premiere of a new trumpet concerto “Evensong” (written by Eric and Martin Fondse) which he performed with the Limburg Symphony Orchestra on October 26th and 30th 2011.

Eric has also ventured into film music, writing (with Fons Merkies) and performing the music for the feature film “Majesteit” (premiered in September 2010), as well as for the animation film “Audition” (with Martin Fondse). 

His musical collaborations have taken Eric Vloeimans abroad many times. With diverse artists and ensembles he played all over Europe, Indonesia, China, the Middle East, South Africa and Japan. Experiences from his travels influence his music constantly and can be heard in many of his compositions.

Recently he was asked to perform a solo trumpet intermezzo at the reknowned “TED-x” conference in Amsterdam that left the audience quite speechless.

He has been honored because of his many works, in all possible genres that cover the range from classical to pop, film music, world and jazz. In between playing all over the world, being on tour and picking up Edison Awards, he shares his talent with the students of the Codarts College for the Arts in Rotterdam, and the Royal Conservatory in the Hague.
Eric Vloeimans plays from the heart and has shown a remarkable power to create bridges and reach the hearts of audiences all over the world.


All concerts

October 2019


20:15 | |
Woerden, Kloostertheater, met Olivers Cinema,


20:30 | |
Arnhem, Musis Sacrum, met Olivers Cinema,


Sneek, Koperguod Jubileumsconcert,


15:00 | |
Wesepe, St. Nicolaskerk, met Olivers Cinema,


20:30 | |
Wageningen, Junushoff, met Olivers Cinema,


20:15 | |
Venlo, de Maaspoort, met Oivers Cinema,


20:30 | |
Elst, Theater de Kik, met Olivers Cinema,


20:30 | |
Spijkenisse, Theater de Stoep, met Olivers Cinema,


21:00 | |
Utrecht, Tivoli, met Licks en Brains,


20:15 | |
Heemstede, Oude Kerk, met Olivers Cinema,


20:30 | |
Rotterdam, SChouwburg, met Olivers Cinema,


14:00 | |
Heiloo, Theater de Beun, met Olivers Cinema,


19:00 | |
Rotterdam, Verhalenhuis Béllvedère, met Jorrit Westerhof en Jörg Brinkmann,
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Gestaag staccato
voetstappen naar
of toch...ergens
tonen klanken
verlangende verten
een wereld draait door
de mensheid doolt
verlangen blijft
naar de harmonie
van klanken, van kleur
de eenwording van
de pelgrim op zijn tocht
komend van ergens naar nergens,
naar het Zijn
binnen jezelf

Anke Wind

geschreven door Anke Wind op een live concert van Gatecrash na het horen van Pélerinage


"Evensong is een dijk van een cd, gemaakt voor muziekliefhebbers van alle leeftijden en alle gezindten. Een cd waarmee Eric Vloeimans bewijst dat het tijd wordt om alle kletspraat over klassiek, jazz, avant-garde, wereldmuziek te vergeten. Op deze cd is hem dat meer dan gelukt. Over zijn trompetspel hoeven we het niet te hebben: de beste eigenschappen van Maurice André, Miles Davis en Chet Baker zijn in één persoon verenigd. Met één voorbehoud: Eric Vloeimans heeft zijn enige eigen onmiskenbare geluid: Evensong."

© Siebe Riedstra, mei 2013

Lees de hele recensie op

Solo di tromba nr 5, het gedragen openingsstuk, te mooi voor woorden, steelt meteen de harten. Met een trompetklank omfloerst als een doedoek dan wel een ney ontvouwt zich deze muziek in de trend van Palestrina (1525- 1594) doordesemd met echo' s van Siciliaanse begrafenismarsen. Vloeimans is niet bang voor mooi langgerekte tonen terwijl Weber op de piano spaarzaam accenten plaatst en kleurt. Het ontbreken van drums maar ook bas ls een verademing, geeft de nodige ruimte voor de schoonheid van deze muziek. Associaties met Palestrina en de renaissance, ja, maar het klinkt op elk moment door en door eigen - dankzij de bijzondere frasering en klankprojectie waardoor alles troostvol vreemd overkomt en van een andere orde lijkt. Het mooi vreemde strekt zich over alle stukken uit. M.J. (for the king of pop) bijvoorbeeld heeft iets van een gavotte (Bach's cello-suite no 5 als referentie?)' Iets van barok zonder barok te worden. De soms onvaste articulatie in de live-uitvoering van dit stuk geeft aan op welke smalle graad de "eenvoudige" lijnen van deze muziek ontstaan. De titel Mine Own King Am I klinkt Shakespeareans en zelfs de mooie Rosinha (van Vemte comigo) komt nog iangs (misschien blijven hangen uit Vloeimans tijd met Paul Stocker). VloeimanslWeber maken van alles een schitterend geheel dat voorlopig zijnsgelijke zoekt.

Henning Bolte, Jazzism. November/December 2011


The opening track, Solo de tromba no.5, immediately steals your heart. Too beautiful for words, with a muffled trumpet sound resembling a duduk or a ney, the music unfolds in the manner of Palestrina (1525 – 1594), leavened with echoes of Sicilian funeral marches. Vloeimans isn’t afraid of beautiful drawn-out notes while pianist Weber provides color and places sparing accents. The absence of drums and bass is refreshing, allowing the beauty of this music to shine through. Yes, there are associations with Palestrina and the renaissance, but the music always sounds totally its own. That’s due to the exceptional phrasing and sound projection, making everything seem paradoxically strange but yet consoling and of a different order. This beautiful strangeness extends to all the pieces. M. J. (for the king of pop?) for instance, has something of a gavotte about it, perhaps referencing Bach’s cello suite no. 5. A touch of the baroque without being baroque. The occasional shaky articulation in the live performance of this piece indicates the severe constraints from which the ‘simple’ musical lines emerge. Mine Own King Am I sounds Shakespearean, and even the lovely Rosinha from Vem-te Comigo makes an appearance – perhaps a leftover from Vloeimans' time with Paul Stocker. Vloeimans|Weber make of all a brilliant entirety that for the moment has no equal.

Henning Bolte, Jazzism, November/December 2011

"He's got the technical command you'd expect of a conservatory-trained virtuoso, and the kind of expressive potency that can only be learned on the improvising bandstand, but what's most impressive about his music is that it's so deliciously good-natured." - Alex Varty, Vancouver Straight, February 2010

"Of het nou pop is of jazz, dat maakt helemaal niks meer uit. Er kan maar een de beste zijn in dit grensgebied en in Nederland is dat zonder twijfel Eric Vloeimans." - Rob Chevallier, de Gelderlander, February 2010

"It is little wonder why Dutch-born Eric Vloeimans is considered one of the most influential trumpet players of his generation. An accomplished storyteller, Vloeimans refuses to restrict himself to any particular melodic format or sonic texture." - Ernest Barteldes, Miami New Times October 2008

" Eric Vloeimans is a top jazz player from the Netherlands. And his set captured here live at Oakland's great Yoshi's jazz club ought to make him better known here. His unusual trio of pianist Harmen Fraanje and guitarist Anton Goudsmit makes for an unconventional, drum-free setup...The Dutch boys score". Philadelphia Inquirer, July 2009

"Dutch trumpet player Eric Vloeimans shows himself to be fluent at making melodic compounds that leap off the pages as they go through various stages of metamorphosis, in addition to being an ardent improviser.Ê He demonstrates a visceral awareness of the multi-colored facets of his instrument enabling him to move from the soaring peals of the high notes to the creamy lesions of the low ones in a few breaths..."., November 2009

"In terms of lush, exuberant melody, this is without question the most beautiful album of the year in any style of music. Warm, plaintive, sometimes soaring, sometimes contemplative, this live recording by Dutch jazz trumpeter Eric Vloeimans, guitarist Anton Goudsmit and pianist Harmen Fraanje - just out on Challenge Records - captures a characteristic, richly memorable performance. If you get the chance to see this group, don't pass it up. One part jazz, one part late 19th century Romanticism, with influences from the pampas of Argentina to the Portuguese coast, their style is indelibly unique. What a treat it must have been to be in the club the night this album was made." Lucid Culture, September 2009

4-stars. AMG Album pick "This is polished, sophisticated, under-the-radar music, exceptionally conceived and played, that exemplifies what contemporary continental jazz..." - Michael G. Nastos, All Music Guide about Live at Yoshi's 2009

"Mr. Vloeimans, a Dutch trumpeter with a melodic style evocative of late-period Miles Davis." - Nate Chinen, New York Times June 2009

"Hyper presents one of the freshest takes on electronic jazz in some time. From its enthusiastic reaction, the audience it was recorded in front of apparently agrees." - Ross Boissoneau, Jazziz July 2009

...Vloeimans is in great form and, with a band so acutely aware of the dynamics of the groove, delivers a series of solos full of mature authority throughout...
The Irish Times, Sept. 26, 2008

..trompette majeure...
Jazz Magazine, March 2006

... The bonus track, "Voix du Fou," is yet another fascinating ditty that, given its Henri Michaux-derived subtitle, seemingly seeks to assail insanity as a means of preventing the death of one's voice. If this is Vloeimans' idea of insanity and expression of one's voice, let me be the first to utter a deranged shout!.... The rest of the material attests to the fact that Gatecrash's music is breathable, seriously unpretentious, fun, beautiful, profound and just plain good.
All About Jazz October 2008

" Nothing makes me as happy as the trumpet of Eric Vloeimans. Every day. He blows so much purpose and beauty into life."
- Matthijs van Nieuwkerk

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Picture by Peter Elenbaas - Early Morning Flight
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