Edison Jazz Oeuvreprijs 2020

I have been awarded the Edison Jazz Oeuvre Prize 2020 !!!!!!!

Insanely happy with it. A music prize that is awarded at a time when there is hardly any live music, but I hope that we will all be jumping on stage and in the halls again in the spring.

As Albert Ayler put it so beautifully: 'Music is the Healing Force of the Universe'

To celebrate this, here's a 35% discount offer (valid until December 14) for all the CDs you've always wanted :) To spend in my webshop.

Use the discount code below: Edison2020Oeuvre

The Edison Foundation has made a beautiful broadcast which will be broadcast on YouTube on December 4th.

Eric and the other winners are interviewed by Wilfried de Jong. Eric plays here with Juan Pablo the piece 'The Wanderer' from the album Viento Zonda.

photos Ton Karstemans

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