Van Laar - Trumpets & Flugelhorn

Since 2006 I have been filled with the Van Laar trumpets. I started on the B8, then I switched to the OIRAM II and now I play the V-Flow. Hub keeps getting better and so do its bells. 🙂 He builds trumpets with his heart, and you can feel it.

I have always heard the trumpet sound a bit darker than what people are used to from trumpet and I strive for a warm and intimate sound, without losing sight of the intention and core. Hub has had a good sense of what my wishes are and has been particularly busy with the translation of the frequencies from the low-mid range. It feels to me as if these mid-low frequencies are 'built-in' in the OIRAM and also the V-Flow, which greatly benefits the warmth of the sound.

What is special is that it is not at the expense of the projection and the radiation of the natural tones. The V-Flow stands out for its elegance of playing and slimness of sound. It plays quite lightly and switches easily from the middle to the low and high register with little to no color difference. The valve work runs smoothly and is adjusted in such a way that when you press accurately you immediately get to the core of the tone.

That means that I can play with the V-Flow as soft as a whisper with still a palpably carrying 'thick' sound – but it also has great robustness. He colors easily. Not only does the sound project forward (like a trumpet made for better lead work), but the sound also wraps around you like a layer. This has a greater intimacy and the advantage that you can more easily mix with a band or group sound and can go in all directions solo. You could call it a universality in sound.

Whether I play with a chamber music ensemble such as the Holland Baroque, with my trio Oliver's Cinema or duo with harpist Remy van Kesteren, perform with my electric band Gatecrash or as a soloist with a symphony orchestra, the Marine Band or with a flaming Big Band: with the V-Flow I can adapt and color according to all circumstances.

I've asked Hub to make the V-Flow look as natural as possible, so you can see the variegation of the various metals; there is only a clear coat on it. That is a bit smoother than gold or silver, but feels nice in the hand.

The V-Flow is for me the perfect translator from the soul to the note!


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