CHR 70123

by Challenge Records

Sold out

Eric Vloeimans, Ernst Reijseger, Anton Goudsmit, Harmen Fraanje

Release date: 01 February 2004 | Challenge Jazz | CD no longer available

Who could better explain what kind of music this is than Eric Vloeimans. "Is this jazz? Hmmm. Is this improvised music? Definitely. Sometimes witty and absurd, sometimes romantic or funky, sometimes hasty and sometimes mean, hard and overwhelming, but always our own."
And again Eric Vloeimans explains: "For some time now I've worked with two trios; Fugimundi, with Ernst and Anton, and Gatecrash with Harmen and Anton. On this CD, I've shifted the two trios around to my heart's content, with beautiful moments as a result. This produced an album of solo, duo, trio and quartet performances in all the shades and varieties that music means to me at this moment."

  1. Petardo
  2. Fugimundi
  3. Good Ol' Benz
  4. Sonatala
  5. Guano
  6. Boom-petit
  7. Strabismo di Venere
  8. Peppi Und...
  9. Solo Di Tromba nr. 5
  10. Never Before
  11. Thrill
  12. Cheto Cheto
  13. The Flowershop
  14. Gatecrash
  15. Chop Chop
  16. Le Marriage

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