Brutto Gusto

CHR 70102

by Challenge Records

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Eric Vloeimans & Nguyen Le And Others

Release date 01 January 2002 | Challenge Jazz | No longer available

Eric Vloeimans – trumpet (and all compositions | Nguyên Lê – guitar (appears courtesy of ACT Records) | Lars Danielsson – bass/cello | Markku Ounaskari – drums/cayon/percussion Brutto Gusto exudes adrenaline-charged unpredictability. Vloeimans, Lê, Danielsson and Ounaskari are experimenting – less in the sterile academic sense, but rather as painters with various materials over a continually changing backcloth. Sometimes Mirot, then Klee, Cezanne, Kandinsky or Margritte. The trumpet, as lowest common denominator, brushes over several different landscapes and cultural milieux. It contributes more than mere footnotes: rather, it tells exciting stories in a circle of tension between bebop, blues, freestyle, ballade and rock.
  1. Brutto Gusto
  2. Song
  3. Gumbum
  4. Nana
  5. Monkido
  6. Suspence
  7. Othello
  8. Fugimundi

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