Horn of Plenty No.2 (Download) For Cello, Horn in F, Piano, Viola, Violin & Trombone

by V-Flow Music


Horn of Plenty is the second play-along book by trumpeter and composer Eric Vloeimans (1963). This digital edition of the book (download only and available exclusively on this site) contains 11 compositions & Variations to play with and in addition, the download includes 55 audio tracks with accompaniment, for  Cello, French Horn, English Horn, Piano, Violin, Violin, Guitar or Trombone. For inspiration, all tracks were played by Eric Vloeimans himself, the piano part by Sjoerd van Eijck.

Eric's compositions are characterized by a surprising simplicity, which means that they can be played by both novice and more advanced musicians. So they are interesting for players from all disciplines and inspiring for every musician looking for a unique and individual sound. The compositions below are included in this edition:

Ocean of Petals - Viento Zonda - To Louis - The Wanderer - Orbit - Monsignor Charles - Gatecrash - En mémoires de nos voisins - Guano - Mr. Selçuk - Your Majesty

For the written  piano accompaniment, click here.

The sheet music can be viewed on a tablet with an app. For example, I use 'forscore' myself, but there are many apps available that work just as well.

Have fun playing

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