CHR 70144

geleverd door Challenge Records


Eric Vloeimans with Gatecrash

Release date  01 April 2008 | Challenge Jazz | CD no longer available

To really do justice to the dynamics and power of Eric Vloeimans’ new band ‘Gatecrash’, the music was recorded live at the Lantaren/Venster theatre in Rotterdam on December 2, 2006.
“That evening in December 2006 was magic. Eric Vloeimans, Challenge artist since 1994, played a breathtaking concert with his new band Gatecrash at the cozy Lantaren/Venster theater in Rotterdam. Two hours of music played by Eric and his new electric band; I was sitting there next to sound engineer Tijmen Zinkhaan and was smiling all night long. The band was strong, precise; there was adventure, risk, tightness; a mature Eric Vloeimans that knew how to shape the music and communicate his emotions outwards.
Eric and I decided to release a nice and fitting combination of tunes on one single CD (Gatecrashin’ CHR 70138) and keep another set of music on the shelf for a while. Now a year after the release of Gatecrashin’ I am proud to present you “Hyper”; a wonderful set of music from that same evening, completed by a fascinating tune by composer Michel Banabila. Thank you Eric, Jeroen, Gulli and Jasper .... you are the best!”


  1. Magnolia
  2. Prince Of Darkness
  3. Hyper
  4. Bonzi
  5. Piccolo David
  6. Ravens And Wolves
  7. Voix Du Fou



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