Live At The Concertgebouw

CHR 70165

geleverd door Challenge Records


Eric Vloeimans & Florian Weber

Release date 20 September 2011 | Challenge Jazz | CD no longer available

They played live in the famous Concertgebouw in Amsterdam on April 12 2011 and this album is a registration of that concert. The intimacy, the directness, the beautiful melodies of trumpeter Eric Vloeimans, the unity of this duo when they play together: this is a unique album indeed! Surprising turns and twists are there on this album and the two musicians create show us a lot of different musical landscapes, with no boundaries between jazz and classical music or other genres.

  1. Solo Di Tromba nr. 5
  2. Mine Own King Am I
  3. Lex
  4. Kindred Spirit
  5. Your Majesty
  6. M.J. (for the king of pop)
  7. Realm Of Ease
  8. Soli Di Tromba nr. 6
  9. Rosinha, Vem-Te Comigo
  10. Mine Own King Am I (Reprise)
  11. Joel
  12. Requiem
  13. Mix-Lex (Reprise)




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